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OpenChain Policy Template for OpenChain Spec 2.0 – Release Candidate Available

By 2019-09-11November 12th, 2020News

Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Katz and his teams at Moorcrofts and Orcro the OpenChain Policy Template for OpenChain Specification 2.0 is nearly ready. This provides extensive building blocks to help organizations of any size in any market create an open source policy.

Final call for comments. We are targeting a release date of 27th of September to coincide with our OpenChain workshop in Taipei.

Changes Since Our Beta

  1. General tidy up and improvement in the use of defined terms.
  2. Improvement of the copyright notice applicable to the document as a whole (it’s CC0 apart from the Specification itself).
  3. Improvement of the Roles tab. The Roles tab has been expanded with a number of new roles, and for each of them there is now a sample set of competencies, either at high level or detailed level.
  4. Addition of the Training tab. This now contains a list of possible training modules (and includes all of the chapters in the OpenChain curriculum slide deck), as well as some more company specific ones. For each of these, there is a matrix which relates each role (as defined in the roles tab) to each of the training modules available. A ‘1’ in the appropriate cell in the matrix indicates that this training is necessary for that particular role.

Get these guides and many more documents in the OpenChain Reference Library.