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OpenChain India Work Group Holds First Meeting

By 2019-09-06September 12th, 2019News

Today is a remarkable day. The OpenChain India Work Group has just begun its first meeting thanks to Mishi, Chandana and so many other people from so many companies. As Shane Coughlan mention’s in his opening speech linked below, this is part of an exceptional month for the OpenChain Project, as we start work groups here and in China. The standard for open source compliance is reaching out to an additional 2.8 billion people. Great things lie ahead.

Video of the Opening Speech

PLEASE NOTE: We had an issue with the Internet connection between Japan and India, resulting in distorted sound on this video, however we believe the video is of value as a marker of the event and thus not revising it from the original. Please find below an excerpt of the speech outlining the key points covered.

“First of all I would like to say thank to the hosts. This is the first time we have managed to have a work group meeting in India, which is vitally important for the future of the project, and indeed this month is probably the most important we have had in community outreach.

We have having our first work group in India, our first work group in China, and continuing our outreach in Taiwan. The project has been so lucky to build out an international community and this year in particular we have been reaching the billions of people who are vital for the future of open source.

Now, when it comes to what you are doing today and what you will do tomorrow, hopefully you will build bridges between companies like Infosys that are OpenChain conformant and companies like WIPRO that are not yet. I want to bring the connection to the international market. One thing that has got me very excited is that in China we will have a lot of the companies deeply connected to India at our first work group. For example, Xiaomi, which has just announced its 100th million smartphone sold in the Indian subcontinent.

Right now in OpenChain we are getting ready to become an ISO standard. We have seen a lot of support from user companies and also from providers. For example, our community of conformance is set to double this year. Our activities in Japan alone involve 68 companies and 150 people. Our new automotive work group has over 100 people involved. 


The international OpenChain community is here to support you every step of the way.”