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OpenChain Specification – ISO Draft Review Process

By 2019-09-03November 12th, 2020News

The latest draft of the next version of OpenChain Specification can be found here:

Our objective is to make only minor clarification changes over version 2.0  while we wait for ISO adoption (currently in progress). We discussed a half dozen items posted on the specification issue list at the Open Source Summit, North American F2F OpenChain meeting.

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After discussing the various open issues we decided to make only one minor change:

Because the terms “Software Staff” and “Program Participants” where used interchangeable in the spec, it was decided to replace each use of “Software Staff” with “Program Participants” which is more consistent with ISO terminology. 

Coming Next

We will continue to accept feedback for ISO version 2.1 up through October 31st 2019. We will have one more F2F meeting at the Open Source Summit, Europe in October. We will finalize the ISO 2.1 version in November 2019. We will then embark on the next major revision of the specification starting December 1st 2019.

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