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OpenChain Tooling Work Group Meeting #1 – Outcomes, August 13th 2019

By 2019-08-19October 10th, 2019News

The minutes are below. The slides discussed during the meeting are presented here as well for reference.

Meeting Minutes of Kickoff meeting open source tooling for open source compliance work group
Date / Time 13th of August 0900-10:00 am and 06:00-07:00 pm
1. introduction and expectations                   All
2. Vision                                                        All
3. Introduction of the existing work               Oliver
4. Next steps                                                All
5. Fixed meeting dates/times                        Oliver

2. Expectations regarding the work results (condensed list):
*         Working together in an open, transparent, honest way
*         Friendly collaboration without hidden agenda

Oliver presented his long term vision of an integrated toolchain covering the “supporting processes – like OSS – contribution process, ECC classification, security vulnerability management, OSS-selection process, OSS-compliance process”. He asked about opinions on that view. Participants expressed that the long term vision makes sense.

The big picture of an integrated OSS Compliance toolchain was presented and explained. Based on this  the work areas were named
*            Identify the functional blocks required
*            Identify the workflows
*            Identify the required data and data flows
*            Implement provide the needed APIs (as contributions)
*            Provide the glue Code
*            Provide easy to deploy building blocks
*            Documentation
*            Spread the word

All participants agreed on a regular meeting interval of
Date: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
Time: 0900-10:00 am and 06:00-07:00 pm German time
Oliver will send the invitations