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OpenChain China Work Group – First Meeting Confirmed for 25th of September @ Huawei in Shenzhen

By 2019-08-09News

Will you join our first OpenChain China workshop on 25th September @ Huawei in Shenzhen? Please let us know before the 6th of September.

We will have a quick global update, we will have short case studies from Chinese and other companies. We will have panel and open discussions. Everything user companies, informal and safe space to talk. 

  • 13:00~13:10 “State of the Union” by Shane in English
  • After this everything is in Chinese (same for Japan and Korea, Japanese and Korean respectively…we need local languages to solve local challenges!)
  • 13:10~14:00 Five minute case studies – Quick overviews of open source compliance from 7~8 companies in China, US, Europe, Japan and Korea
  • (If we have Japanese guests some of the case studies might be in English)
  • 14:00~14:30 Networking break!
  • 14:30~15:15 five minute case studies – quick overview of open source compliance from three Chinese companies 
  • 15:15~16:00 Panel and room: the threats and challenges we see today 
  • 16:00~16:30 Networking break!
  • 16:30~17:00 Panel and room: what we can do to support Chinese companies 

If you would like to attend please send us your name, company and cellphone number.