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OpenChain Launches Tooling Work Group

By 2019-07-25November 12th, 2020News
Oliver Fendt, Siemens

Today the OpenChain Project announces the launch of our global Tooling Work Group. This work group, chaired by Oliver Fendt of Siemens, will see contributors from Siemens, Bosch, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi and many other companies accelerate collaboration around open source tooling for open source compliance.

This work group is focused on reducing resource costs and improving the quality of results around open source compliance activities. We use open source principles to accomplish this, creating a meritocracy producing real world solutions for real world challenges, and sharing these results with all interested parties.

  1. We are making turn-key Open Source tooling for Open Source Compliance
  2. We are considering what open data database(s) can support this
  3. We plan to work with existing projects to make this happen (FOSSology, Software Heritage, SPDX, sw360, ClearlyDefined)

We owe a great debt to the originators of the “Sharing Creates Value” Project and to the OpenChain Japan Tooling Sub-Work Group. By aligning these two activities, and working to create a single solution, we will support increased automation across the supply chain as a whole.

Why Are We Launching This Work Group?

OpenChain is at the top of the compliance stack defining inflection points where processes should exist. We leave it up to individual companies to select the appropriate process content for their size, market and customer base. However, we provide reference material in the form of policies, process examples and checklists. Frequent requests come in regarding automation and – given that many of our member companies and our community are using open source tooling for open source compliance – it makes sense to unify and freely share this work onward.

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