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OpenChain Supplier Education Leaflet Now Available

By 2019-06-11November 12th, 2020News

The OpenChain Project today announces the release of the Open Source Software License Compliance General Public Guide. This document is an outcome of the OpenChain Japan Work Group, one of the most active and vibrant parts of our project.

The leaflet is intended to be a short, simple and clear guide for distribution to suppliers of all sizes. Our intention is to provide a solid foundation for understanding open source license compliance in an accessible manner.

This document is made available in English and Japanese. We hope to add further translations in the future. As with all OpenChain Project reference material, the guide is made available under CC-0 licensing (effectively public domain, and it may be used, studied, shared and improved in any way you want.

Get this guide and many more documents in the OpenChain Reference Library.

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