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OpenChain @ Japan Work Group #9

By 2019-04-18News
Our DensoTen host runs a Q&A session where a wide range of Japanese companies offer thought, comments and suggestions for improving collaboration.

The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its ninth “all member” meeting at DensoTen on the 18th of April. The event opened with a short presentation from Shane Coughlan covering some of the largest developments around the OpenChain global community. The slides have been made publicly available.

This meeting covered a wide range of topics related to open source compliance. One highlight were the reports from the seven sub-groups of the Japanese community, covering a diverse range of topics from education to Bill of Materials to automation. As always, conversation was informal and open, allowing all participants to add their view during and after each presentation, and to network freely during the coffee breaks.

Aoki San from Fujitsu announces the 10th all member meeting will take place at their HQ adjacent to Open Source Summit Japan on July 17th.

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