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Collaboration is Key for Open Source Compliance at NHS

By 2019-03-01March 5th, 2019News

One of the powerful things about open source is the way it allows various organizations and stakeholders come together to achieve common objectives. Open source projects play a critical role by providing a common platform that can integrate with new and existing systems. This is even more apparent when discussing open source compliance and aligning the various stakeholders in an open source supply chain. 

A great example of this is a recent NHS case study published on NHS England is the public health services provider in England that treats more than 1.4 million patients every 24 hours. The organization needed a way to manage and leverage their open source assets across the organization without vendor lock in. Our partners at Source Code Control proposed the OpenChain Specification and brought us in to work with the Apperta Foundation, Code4Health initiative, OpenEyes, and AB EHR Digital for a training and pilot program. 

The result enabled the project participants to meet open source industry best practices. It also helped NHS take the first step in a broader deployment plan across multiple projects and providers in the coming months and years. Thank you to all of our partners and we look forward to future collaboration in healthcare, automotive, and many more industries as they increasingly adopt open source. Read the NHS case study.