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OpenChain M&A Checklist – Out Now

By 2019-01-16November 11th, 2020News

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that the OpenChain Project Merger and Acquisition Checklist is now available in PDF, DOCX and ODT formats. It is intended to help companies addressing open source discovery and compliance with respect to integration of external legal entities.

This checklist comes from KPMG, an organization that has built a proactive relationship with the OpenChain Project via Indira Bhatt, our elected community representative. The checklist was collaborative refined with contributions from the broader OpenChain community.

“Establishing trust between the target and acquirer around Open Source license compliance is one of the key factors for a successful and timely deal close,” says Indira Bhatt, Manager, Open Source Software Security and Compliance, Tech M&A at KPMG. “I am happy to bring my experience with licensing and compliance processes to help create the OpenChain M&A checklist.”

“OpenChain Conformance is most frequently applied to purchasing in the global supply chain,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “However, the OpenChain Specification and its identification of key requirements for quality open source compliance programs is equally valuable for Mergers and Acquisitions. Today marks the beginning of reference material to cover this use-case and we are fortunate to have this contribution guided by a representative of one of the world’s foremost authorities in M&A.”


Get this guide and many more documents in the OpenChain Reference Library: