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OpenChain @ OSC Osaka 2019

By 2018-12-02News

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that we will have a volunteer presence at the forthcoming OSC Osaka event in January 2019. Dote San from Micware – one of our contributors from West Japan – will be leading outreach. The event and our outreach will be held in the Japanese language.

Date /日程:

Fri. 25th Jan 2019 13:00-18:05 (Speech only)
Sat. 26th Jan 2019 10:00-18:00 (Speech and Exhibition)

2019年1月25日(金) 13:00~18:05(展示は2日目のみ)
1月26日(土) 10:00~18:00(展示:10:30~16:00)


Osaka Sangyou Souzoukan , 1-4-5 Honmachi chuouku, Osaka city

大阪産業創造館(地下鉄 堺筋本町駅 徒歩5分)→[アクセスマップ] [OpenStreetMap] (OSC受付:1/25(金)ー5F、1/26(土)ー3F)

Fee /無料:


Theme /内容:

  • News about Open Source
  • Exhibition and Speech of Open Source Community/Corporations
  • 展示 – オープンソースコミュニティ、企業・団体による展示
  • セミナー – オープンソースの最新情報を提供