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OpenChain Japan Work Group – Sixth Meeting – 31st October

By 2018-11-04News

The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its sixth meeting on the 31st of December at the Toshiba / Lazona Kawasaki Building. This meeting featured 49 participants from 24 organizations, continuing our tradition of building out a broad and active local community. It was also the first meeting dedicated to the new subgroups and milestones for 2019.

You can read the minutes of this meeting in English here:

You can read the minutes of this meeting in Japanese here:

Outline of key talks and guided discussions during the event:

  1. Our motivations to get involve into OpenChain (Y. Kobayashi (Toshiba))
  2. OpenChain and Japan Work Group reviews (N. Imada (Hitachi))
  3. Sub WG1: Planning Sub WG status report (H. Fukuchi, A. Yamaoka (Sony))
  4. Sub WG2: Proposal to publish a leaflet for upper supply chain (S. Ueda (Sony))
  5. Sub WG3: Proposal to publish FAQ (Y. Ouchi (Fujitsu))
  6. Case study: “Question sheet about OSS usage” (S. Koizumi (Olympus))
  7. Proposal of our next plan and new Sub WGs (H. Fukuchi (Sony))
  8. Report: OpenChain workshop at ELC-E (S. Tokumoto (Fujitsu), S. Kato (Panasonic))

Forthcoming face-to-face meetings:

  • 2018/12/5 The seventh meeting will be held on Dec. 5, 2018.
    • Venue: TUV SUD Japan Office at Shinjuku(Tokyo)
  • 2019/2/28 The eighth meeting will be held on Feb. 28, 2019.
    • Venue: Mitsubishi Electric Head Office at Chiyoda(Tokyo)
  • 2019/4/xx The ninth meeting will be held on April, 2019.
    • Venue: Denso-Ten Office at Kobe(Hyogo)
  • 2018/12/5 第7回会合 2018125日(水)  
    • 場所:テュフズードジャパン(東京都新宿区)
  • 2019/2/28 第8回会合 2019228()
    • 場所:三菱電機 本社(東京都千代田区)
  • 2019/4/xx 第9回会合(計画中) 20194xx(x)
    • 場所:デンソーテン(兵庫県神戸市)計画中

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