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OpenChain Japan Work Group – Meeting # 6

By 2018-10-31News

The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its sixth meeting on the 31st of October between 2pm and 4:45pm at Toshiba Smart Community Center in Kanazawa. As with the previous five OpenChain Japan Work Group meetings discussion is expected to include a mix of structured reports, activity planning and case studies.

The Schedule

14:00  (5min)   Opening- H.Nozue
14:05  (10min)  Keynote: OpenChain Project updates – S.Coughlan
14:15  (20min)  Keynote: OpenChain and Toshiba activities- Y.Kobayashi
14:35  (10min)  OpenChain and Japan WG basic reviews- N.Imada
14:45  (40min)  Reports: SubWGs status (10minx3 + Q&C 10min)
– Planning SubWG status – H.Fukuchi, A.Yamaoka
– Level defined education (Ueda-san’s project) – TBD
– FAQ for beginners (Ouchi-san’s project) – K.Ouchi
– Questions & Comments
15:25 – 15:40 – break
15:40  (15min)  Case Study: “Form for clearing OSS usage” – S.Koizumi
15:55  (25min)  Discussion: next plan and new subWG proposal – H.Fukuchi
16:20  (20min)  Special Report: “OpenChain workshop @ ELC-E” – S.Kato,
16:40  (5min) Announcement of Next meeting and Open Compliance Summit
16:45 – Closing

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the OpenChain Japan Work Group. This incredible team has built out one of the largest and most active open source compliance communities. Best of all, it is completely open, and has great gatherings every two months.

This year we held meetings at Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toyota, Fujitsu and Toshiba; TUV SUD Japan is scheduled for December. The meeting schedule for first half 2019 has already been published.

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