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New in Beta: Web App for Benchmarking OpenChain Conformance

By 2018-10-04News

Can the OpenChain Project offer even more news this week? Of course. We are delighted to announce the public Beta of a new Web App for benchmarking OpenChain Conformance. The idea is to provide a quick, simple and attractive way for companies to check their status regarding meeting the OpenChain standard. This project is being managed by our good friends at Source Code Control.

We are seeking feedback on the current offering regarding:

  1. Ease of use
  2. If it helps solves friction around conformance
  3. How complementary it is to our Conformance Web App

Ideally we will end up with a great thinking tool to support companies undertaking formal conformance.

“Source Code Control wanted to offer an  easy to use, interactive and engaging mechanism for people or organizations interested in learning more about the Software Supply Chain and OpenChain to benchmark their current position,” says Paul McAdam, Director, Source Code Control. “This quick self-assessment format helps to identify the gap in understanding and capability.”

“OpenChain Conformance is of vital importance to improving the quality of open source compliance,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “As our project matures we are collaborating with partners to support the process with better reference material and better tools. A quick benchmarking tool fits right into this concept. We are delighted to work with Source Code Control on this new beta…and on developing it into a finished work product for the project as a whole.”

Notes on this Beta release:

  • Currently the URL clearly comes from the Source Code Control Typeform subscription. This will be replaced with a project address later in the beta.
  • The “respond to” email address is Paul’s but will be replaced with a project address later in the beta.

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