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Help Improve The Draft OpenChain Specification 1.2 in Russian

By 2018-08-20November 23rd, 2020News

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that we now have a draft of the OpenChain Specification 1.2 in Russian. This document was contributed by Denis Dorotenko at Yandex and it marks our first major activity to support the Russian market.

The OpenChain Project asks for all official translations of the OpenChain Specification to be peer-reviewed. To this end, today we are putting out a call for reviewers so we can change the status of our Russian document from “draft” to “release.”

Please note that this document – as with most of our documents – is stored and edited via GitHub. If you want to contribute to the translation but have no background in GitHub just contact us. Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, is happy to talk via email at coughlan [at]

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