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OpenChain Announces Legal Track @ COSCUP – 12th August

By 2018-07-17News

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a legal track at the upcoming COSCUP event in Taipei, Taiwan. This event will start at 9:30 in the COSCUP Conference Room IB503 on the 12th August. As always our goal is to build bridges, share knowledge, and lay the foundation for increased trust in software supply chains.


An introduction from our hosts

Lucien C.H. Lin 林誠夏, Shane Coughlan)

Open Source Licensing makes a Difference / 開源授權就是不一樣

Florence T.M. Ko 葛冬梅

Software Supply Chain and OSS

Satoru Ueda

Understand and perform the FOSS compliance in a community-driven way / 採社群思維模式做好開源合規

Lucien C.H. Lin 林誠夏

From OpenChain to FOSSology – Compliance in 2018

Shane Coughlan


Introduction of OpenChain Japan WG

Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Shinsuke Kato

OIN Linux系統專利合作計畫

Kevin Huang 黃鴻文


Panel: Different perspectives around compliance

Hosted by Shane Coughlan

  • Hiroyuki Fukuchi
  • Shinsuke Kato
  • Florence T.M. Ko 葛冬梅
  • Lucien C.H. Lin 林誠夏
  • Satoru Ueda
  • Kevin Huang 黃鴻文

Learn More:

• Details of the event in English and Chinese:
• General information about COSCUP: