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OpenChain Announces Two New Partners

By 2018-06-10News

The OpenChain Project is proud to announce that Source Code Control (UK) and EACG (Germany) have joined our pilot partner program. These two organizations have a long history of providing open source consultancy or support to a wide range of companies in their respective markets. Their participation in our pilot partner program dramatically increases the footprint of official OpenChain-related service provides in the European sphere. This will provide more avenues for companies of all sizes to engage with OpenChain and it will also provide more feedback regarding how the partner program may evolve over time.

“The OpenChain Project is community-first,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain Project Director. “Any company of any size can engage with the OpenChain Project, access all our material under public domain, and conform to our specification using a free, simple online self-certification service. However, we also get a lot of requests for  consultancy support, for conformance support and for training support. This is where our eco-system of partners come in. These providers deliver services related to OpenChain into their respective markets and help to build out our larger community. Our partner program is in pilot at the moment and is evolving hand-in-hand both with the entities providing OpenChain services and our larger community. Welcoming Source Code Control and EACG marks a milestone in building OpenChain support in the European Union.”

“OpenChain is instrumental to the service we deliver to our customers who are implementing strategies to manage their software supply chain,” says Martin Callinan, Founder of Source Code Control Limited. “It helps validate that the processes we create for customers can be independently validate. Our customers are able to transparently demonstrate OpenChain processes are part of their software quality assurance.”

“As a tool vendor we have our focus on many technical details such as efficiently and correctly scanning, matching or resolving,” saysJan Thielscher, Founder of EACG GmbH. “But the overall quality and consistency of a corporate-wide Open Source Governance can’t be provided through a tool only. It requires processes and cultural change along the complete software value chain. That’s why we very much appreciate and support the OpenChain efforts and extend our solution beyond the technical aspects to support all the carefully selected OpenChain requirements.”

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