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OpenChain Releases Compliance Process Kanban Guides

By 2018-05-16December 10th, 2020News

The OpenChain Project is delighted to release two reference kanban workflows, one contributed from ID Law Partners in Spain and the other contributed from Source Code Control in the UK. These contributions provide inspiration around how organizations can use a simple workflow to check and improve their open source compliance activities. The end goal of both reference kanban workflows is to support OpenChain Conformance, but it is worth noting that the materials are also suitable for activities adjacent to or separate from specific conformance initiatives.

“The OpenChain Project has a community-developed Specification that outlines the key processes of a quality open source compliance program,” says Shane Coughlan, Project Director. “Specifying these key processes has immense value in focusing resources to solve important challenges. However, the OpenChain Project goes further than this, and now provides a wealth of reference material and guidance documentation. The releases today are an important example of this. These kanban documents have already proven to be invaluable to assist with improving compliance processes and in assisting with OpenChain Conformance. Now they are available to all under CC-0 licensing.”

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