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Announcing the OpenChain Workshop @ LinuxCon China

By 2018-05-16News

Announcing the OpenChain Workshop @ LinuxCon China

08:00~12:00 on June 25 2018 in Beijing.
Local and International Open Source Compliance.
Free for all to attend.

OpenChain 项目将于 6 月 25 日(星期一)上午 8 点至 12 点在中国国家会议中心举办为期半天的研讨会。本次研讨会将介绍现代开源的合规性,OpenChain 教育和参考资料如何帮助公司,以及公司如何使用 OpenChain 规范来有效管理开源软件并降低使用开源软件所衍生之相关管理成本。

这是一个免费研讨会,旨在回答现实中存在的问题。项目经理,开源小组成员,法律人员和商业决策者都会在此内容中找到有用的信息并有所收获。只需发送一封电子邮件至 即可完成注册

会议日期/时间:2018 年 6 月 25 日,星期,8:00 – 12:00
会议费用: 免费

关于 OpenChain 项目:

OpenChain 项目可以通过简化、一致化开源许可合规性,建立企业对开源的信任。OpenChain 规范定义了一组核心要求以满足每个质量合规计划。OpenChain 课程可为开源流程和解决方案提供教育基础,同时满足 OpenChain 规范的核心要求。OpenChain 的一致性可帮助组织显示他们遵守且满足这些要求。软件供应链的参与者最终将更能预测、理解开源许可合规性,并且更加地高效的来使用开源软件。

The OpenChain Workshop will explain modern open source compliance, how the OpenChain education and reference material can help companies, and how the OpenChain Specification is being used by companies to increase efficiency and save costs.

This is a free workshop designed to answer real-world questions. Program managers, project managers, open source office members, legal personnel and business decision-makers will all find something useful in its content. To register simply send an email to coughlan(at)linux(dot)com

Event Date/Time: Monday, June 25, 2018, 8:00 – 12:00
Event Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary

About the OpenChain Project:

The OpenChain Project builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. The OpenChain Specification defines a core set of requirements every quality compliance program must satisfy. The OpenChain Curriculum provides the educational foundation for open source processes and solutions, whilst meeting a key requirement of the OpenChain Specification. OpenChain Conformance allows organizations to display their adherence to these requirements. The result is that open source license compliance becomes more predictable, understandable and efficient for participants of the software supply chain.