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OpenChain Onboarding Slides in German

By 2018-05-15News

The OpenChain Project has received a contribution of localized onboarding slides from Bird & Bird in Germany. This short deck is designed to help organizations without prior knowledge of OpenChain understand the reasoning and key benefits behind the project. This marks another milestone in the on-going internationalization of OpenChain-related material to support both OpenChain Conformance and broader open source compliance activities in organizations of all sizes. As with all OpenChain contributions, these slides are licensed under CC-0.

“Germany sees increasing interest in building trust that supplied software conforms to applicable open source licenses” says Dr. Miriam Ballhausen, Senior Associate at Bird & Bird. “OpenChain can already serve to demonstrate that such trust is justified. On many occasions, though, organizations in Germany have tackled building trust in their supply chains on their own accord. They have regularly defined requirements for quality compliance programs that considerably overlap with the OpenChain specification. But it still shows that OpenChain has not been sufficiently furthered with English language onboarding material. The German translation aims to fill this gap and support outreach in German speaking countries.”

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