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OpenChain Workshop in Taipei

By 2018-05-14News

Today features the second OpenChain Workshop in Taipei. This event builds on a compliance workshop held during April and marks another step towards the Legal Track that OpenChain will help organize at the COSCUP conference on August 11th and 12th.

From the organizer’s website:

“延續上次對OpenChain規範書及依該規範書產出的「自由開源軟體授權管理訓練課程」,最多參與者的反饋,是如何在正確運用這些知識的前提下,簡要並正確的利用相關工具,實作開源授權管理分析與基礎紀錄。此次,我們將在這樣的反饋下,說明 SPDX 開源套件授權資訊紀錄格式,並配合 FOSSology 這套本身即為開源專案的自由開源授權分析工具,選擇 5 – 10 個講者過往協助過的分析案例,在實作說明下,引導參與者善用這些工具,來了解實際開源合規(法遵)的解析程序為何。

Lucien CH Lin, who has a knowledge background in science and technology law, worked at Academia Sinica in public research in 2005-16. The research results in recent years include: Author of the Taiwan Special Chapter of the Free and Open Source Software Legal Reference Book. , and assist participants from all walks of life to clarify issues such as Open Source, Open Data, CC Licensing, and intellectual property rights and public licensing applications. At present, he has been transferred to a non-governmental firm, and he has served as an advisor to the Open Culture Foundation as a legal advisor. He has allocated time and energy to build an open source legal network (Open Source Legal Network, Taiwan).”

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