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OpenChain for Projects

By 2017-04-26May 15th, 2017News

OpenChain for Projects

BARCELONA, SPAIN– (Apr 26th 2017) –The OpenChain Project has recently been the subject of an opinion piece by Jonas Oberg, Executive Director of Free Software Foundation Europe and a key figure in the European Free and Open Source Software Community. Jonas’ article focuses on how the OpenChain Specification and related material such as the OpenChain Curriculum can be as useful for projects as for commercial entities. His article is entitled ‘Project practices compatible with OpenChain’ and can be found here

“We need to foster working relation between those developing free and open source software and those using it; to facilitate compliance and increase trust.” Says Jonas Öberg, Executive Director of FSFE, “The software supply chain starts with the individual project and just as OpenChain has taken inspiration from the practices  of the FOSS community, many of the practices mandated by OpenChain similarly apply for free and open source software projects.”

“OpenChain is for everyone,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain Program Manager. “This project was born out of the need for addressing Open Source compliance processes and best practices in the global supply chain. However, the content is not confined to commercial use cases alone. We are really talking about the type of baselines and best practices that benefit all types of stakeholder. By syncing what we do in this space challenges like Open Source compliance will become increasingly easy to address and trust between organizations of all types will become simpler.”

Individuals and organizations of all sizes are welcome to participate in the OpenChain Project. Our Community page is the best starting point and contains all the information needed to join our calls, access our wiki or contact individual Work Team Chairpeople.

About The OpenChain Project
The OpenChain Project is a community effort to establish best practices for effective management of open source software compliance. The project aims to help reduce costs, duplication of effort, and ease friction points in the software supply. The OpenChain Project has three Work Teams that collaborate on future refinements of the OpenChain Specification, to develop training materials and create conformance criteria for organizations.

Platinum Members of the OpenChain Project include Adobe, ARM Holdings, Cisco, GitHub, Harman International, HPE, Qualcomm, Siemens and Wind River.

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