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OpenChain Newsletter #13

By 2018-05-27January 19th, 2023Monthly Newsletter

Newsletter – Issue 13 – May 2018


There are two central themes this month: events and reference documentation. Alongside a raft of opportunities for people to learn more about OpenChain at face-to-face meetings we have seen the release of checklists, kanban guides and tooling overview slides. Our internationalization has also continued apace, with the new Specification 1.2 already available in Japanese, and new onboarding slides in German contributed from members of our volunteer community.

OpenChain @ Events

Featured Event: OpenChain @ LinuxCon China

The OpenChain Project will host a workshop at LinuxCon China on the 25th of June. It will explain modern open source compliance, how the OpenChain education and reference material can help companies, and how the OpenChain Specification is being used by companies to increase efficiency and save costs.

This is a free workshop designed to answer real-world questions. Program managers, project managers, open source office members, legal personnel and business decision-makers will all find something useful in its content. To register simply send an email to

Event Date/Time: Monday, June 25, 2018, 8:00 – 12:00
Event Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing
Event Cost: Complimentary

Learn More (and view the details in Chinese) here:

Save the Date:

The next Asian Legal Network event will take place on the 28th May in Beijing. OpenChain Project will be featured in a keynote speech. This will lay the foundation for our larger workshop on 25th June.

Learn More:

The OpenChain Japan Work Group will hold its fourth meeting at Toyota’s Midland Square offices on the 13th of June. This event builds on the recent meeting held at Panasonic’s facilities in Osaka with representatives from 15 companies in attendance, and will be a great chance to obtain practical case studies, reference material and to network.

Learn More:

The Software Compliance Academy will host a FOSS Compliance Seminar on June 14th to 15th in Berlin. This seminar will feature the OpenChain Specification and reference material, providing a great starting point for organizations in Germany, Switzerland or Austria to begin their engagement with the project. More information is available in German below and on the Software Compliance Academy website.

Learn More:

The OpenChain Project will be featured at (and a sponsor of) COSCUP in Taipei on the 11th and 12th of August 2018. Our project leader Shane Coughlan along with Japanese community volunteers and Taiwanese community collaborators will participate in the event’s new legal track to share practical compliance solutions and case studies.

Learn More:

What You Missed:

May 14th featured the second OpenChain Workshop in Taipei. This event builds on a compliance workshop held during April and marks another step towards the Legal Track that OpenChain will help organize at the COSCUP conference on August 11th and 12th.

Learn More:

OpenChain Reference Material

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce the immediate availability of a Conformance and Compliance Checklist to assist with quick, easy and effective adoption of key requirements for quality open source compliance programs. This document is targeted to support direct conformance activities. It frames the key requirements for conformance in a simple yes/no format that can rapidly contextualize progress in an organization.

Learn More:

The OpenChain Project is delighted to release two reference kanban workflows, one contributed from ID Law Partners in Spain and the other contributed from Source Code Control in the UK. These contributions provide inspiration around how organizations can use a simple workflow to check and improve their open source compliance activities. The end goal of both reference kanban workflows is to support OpenChain Conformance, but it is worth noting that the materials are also suitable for activities adjacent to or separate from specific conformance initiatives.

Learn More:

OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that we have received tooling overview slides from Software Compliance Academy in Germany. This contribution provides a high level overview and more specific explanations of how and where tooling can contribute to increased efficiency in open source compliance. The goal is not to provide specific recommendations but rather to frame the discussion to allow organizations to make informed and use-case specific decisions to support their inbound, internal and outbound software management process.

Learn More:

OpenChain @ Companies

Toyota Motor Corporation has released slides explaining the rationale and benefit of their engagement with the OpenChain Project.

“Toyota has built strong ties into the global open source development community and into areas related to open source patent non-aggression and copyright compliance. During the Legal & Licensing Workshop in Barcelona during April 2018 Endo San from the Toyota legal team explained their approach and the benefits it brings.”

Learn More:

OpenChain Internationalization

The OpenChain Project has received a contribution of localized onboarding slides from Bird & Bird in Germany. This short deck is designed to help organizations without prior knowledge of OpenChain understand the reasoning and key benefits behind the project. This marks another milestone in the on-going internationalization of OpenChain-related material to support both OpenChain Conformance and broader open source compliance activities in organizations of all sizes.

The OpenChain Specification Version 1.2 is now available in Japanese. Version 1.2 is the result of the contributions of more than 150 people over the past three years. Congratulations and a big thanks to all those who contributed! Each and every contribution, whether or not it resulted in an addition, modification or debate, led to a better specification. Huge thanks are due to the Linux Foundation Japan volunteer translation team for localizing our newest release so quickly. Special thanks is due to Taniguchi San for driving this process.

Coming next

The next month will focus on case studies and conformance. We will also be discussing the next version of the specification on our usual first and third month conference calls. All invited, all welcome!

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