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OpenChain Newsletter #9

By 2018-01-27January 19th, 2023Monthly Newsletter

Issue 9 – January 2018


A happy new year to all our readers! As we kick off 2018 the OpenChain Project is announcing a wide range of talks, meetings and keynotes. We are also putting in place material and relationships to spearhead increased engagement with Japanese and Chinese-speaking stakeholders. We look forward to working with our entire community throughout 2018 to drive adoption of the OpenChain Specification, our reference training material, and to raise the bar for open source compliance knowledge in general.

OpenChain @ Events

The OpenChain Project has been fleshing out our 2018 event calendar with a series of announcements:

  1. The OpenChain Project will be featured at the World Intellectual Property Forum on the 18th January in Dubai.
  2. The OpenChain Japan Work Group has announced its second meeting on the 22nd February at Hitachi Shinagawa.
  3. The OpenChain Project will host a Face-to-Face on the 5th March at the Open Source Leadership Summit, Sonoma Valley.
  4. The OpenChain Project will be featured in a keynote on the 19th to 23rd March at Linaro Connect in Hong Kong.
  5. The OpenChain Project will be featured in a talk at an event hosted by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, on the 22nd of March in London, England.
  6. The OpenChain Japan Work Group has announced its second meeting on the 19th April at Panasonic Osaka.
  7. The OpenChain Project will be featured in a keynote on June 13th to 14th at the FOSS Backstage conference in Berlin, Germany.

Keep track of all our events here:

OpenChain Accessibility

The OpenChain Project has begin to plan outreach activities in Taiwan as an outcome of a meeting held with representatives of the Open Culture Foundation (Taipei) on the 27th of December. Further information about the meeting can be found here:
The key outcome is that OCF and OpenChain plan to hold an OpenChain Curriculum workshop during Q1 or early Q2 2018. Watch this space for further details.

The OpenChain Project is also delighted to announce that our reference flowcharts are now available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
You can obtain the reference flowcharts in Simplified Chinese here:
You can obtain the reference flowcharts in Traditional Chinese here:

These build on our previous releases of the OpenChain Specification in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. You can obtain these and all our other translations at this URL:

OpenChain Outreach

The OpenChain Project has been featured in an interview with Shane Coughlan, Project Director, on the OWASP 24/7 Podcast. The long-form interview covers the background of the project, our current status and our goals for 2018. It provides a simple, clear way to explain OpenChain to potential stakeholders. You can access it here:

Coming next

In the next month you can expect the OpenChain Project to fix the dates for our increased Taiwanese outreach, you can expect to see the first results from our activity to expand the community of conformance, and you will see the emergence of reference material to help frame the types of process that might be useful for inbound and outbound software. As always we welcome feedback and contributions from all parties. You can contact Shane Coughlan, the Project Director, at any time.

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