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OpenChain Newsletter #7

By 2017-11-27January 19th, 2023Monthly Newsletter


We have increased our Platinum Membership, we have been featured in numerous events, and we have continued to internationalize key material. The OpenChain Project has been part of exploring next generation tooling with Hyperledger Sawtooth. Meanwhile, we have also been refining our messaging around contemporary solutions.

OpenChain Project Announces New Platinum Members

The OpenChain Project is delighted to welcome Sony and Comcast as our newest Platinum Members. We now have fourteen Platinum Members across a wide range of industries.

Learn more about Sony’s participation here:

Learn more about Comcast’s participation here:

OpenChain @ Events

October was a very busy month for the OpenChain Project. We opened with two talks by Masato Endo of Toyota at the Fifth Annual DLA Piper Global Intellectual Property Symposium on the 17th and 19th October:

We then had two talks at the Open Source Summit Europe event on the 23rd of October in Prague:

We held an Open Session at the same event from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday the 24th of October.

We featured at the Open Source Entrepreneur Network Symposium on the 26th of October:

We opened November with an Update on OpenChain at the SFLC Fall Conference:

A video of this talk can be found here:

We also announced a series of talks scheduled for the Open Compliance Summit on the 16th and 17th of November in Yokohama with speakers from OpenChain, Toyota, Wind River and Comcast:

Keep track of all our events here:

OpenChain Internationalization

We are delighted to announce that our Japanese translation team has released the OpenChain Curriculum Reference Training slides for OpenChain Specification 1.0 and 1.1.

Learn more here:

And here:

Keep track of all our translations here:

OpenChain Project, SPDX and Hyperledger

The OpenChain Project is featured in a ‘Software Parts Ledger’ sub-project spearheaded by Mark Gisi of Wind River. This initiative originated in 2016 as a way to explore how the Blockchain could be used to assist with open source compliance across a complex supply chain. It was announced as a new initiative at the Open Source Leadership Summit in 2017 with a focus on utilizing SPDX + OpenChain + Hyperledger Sawtooth to solve the challenge. Initial source code was made available in July 2017 under the Apache license. The current status will be discussed at the Open Compliance Summit in a talk entitled ‘Utilizing Blockchain Across The Supply Chain.’

Learn more here:

OpenChain Project Improves Messaging

As the OpenChain Project has grown, we’ve worked to create more resources for our community. To that end, we’ve updated our website, with updates to pages including News [1], Conformance [2], Translations [3] and Press [4]. Our goal – as always – is to make it as easy as possible to understand the OpenChain Project and to participate in our work.

Learn more here

And here:

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