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OpenChain Newsletter #5

By 2017-09-27January 19th, 2023Monthly Newsletter


We have welcomed two major new Platinum Members. We have improved our quick-start/onboarding material. We have featured in several events. We have continued to expand our translations. We have been featured in a podcast and an academic article for the first time.

OpenChain Platinum Members

We are proud to welcome Toyota and Hitachi as our 11th and 12th Platinum Members respectively. Our partnership with two of Japan’s largest companies will help accelerate the growth of the OpenChain Project and adoption of our specification.

Learn more about Toyota’s participation here:

Learn more about Hitachi’s participation here:

OpenChain Becomes Easier To Explain

We have launched a new infographic to explain OpenChain in five sentences as part of our expanded onboarding material.  

Learn more here:

OpenChain @ Events

The OpenChain Curriculum took center-stage at Open Source Summit North America. Learn more here:

The OpenChain Project was also featured in an adjacent closed-door event entitled the Open Source Entrepreneur Symposium. Learn more here:

Keep track of all our events here:

New Material Contributions

We have received public domain contributions of reference of a company onboarding guide and open source licensing material material from Moorcrofts and FSFE respectively.

OpenChain Internationalization

OpenChain has received an official German translation of the OpenChain Specification.

Learn more here:

Keep track of all our translations here:

OpenChain Elsewhere

OpenChain has featured in the Open Source Entrepreneur Network podcast and been featured in an academic article for the first time during this month.

Learn more about the podcast here:

Learn more about the academic article here:

What’s Next?

In the next month OpenChain will continue to build out quick-start/onboarding material and our community. Learn more in the next newsletter or on the OpenChain mailing list:

License and Trademarks

Copyright 2017 The Linux Foundation. This newsletter is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0). Please feel free to share it onwards! OpenChain is a trademark of The Linux Foundation. It may be used according to The Linux Foundation Trademark Policy and the OpenChain Terms of Use. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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