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OpenChain Newsletter #4

By 2017-08-27January 19th, 2023Monthly Newsletter


A new Pilot Partner Program has Launched, More OpenChain Conformant Organizations; More Translations. Our community is continuing to grow and we are laying the foundation for long-term sustainability.

OpenChain Partners

We have launched a Pilot Partner Program to foster commercial activity around the OpenChain Project. The pilot will run throughout 2017 prior to the broader release of the partner program in 2018. Our goal is to ensure that anyone, anywhere can self-certify to OpenChain Specifications, but also that professional help is available if and when wanted. Learn more here:
Read the release announcement here:

OpenChain Conformance

We have welcomed Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions, Lyra Infosystems, Endocode, GE Digital and credativ to the OpenChain Community of Conformance. We now have 15 organizations conformant with OpenChain Specification 1.1. Learn more here:

OpenChain @ Events

We have started listing forthcoming events with OpenChain participation on a dedicated page. Learn more here:

New Material Donations

We have received public domain donations of reference best practices and open source policy material.

OpenChain Internationalization

We have received a wealth of translations in the last month. OpenChain has received Portuguese Translations, Korean Translations, Simplified Chinese Translations and Spanish Translations. Check out their individual launch announcements:

What’s Next?

In the next month we will improve our onboarding (introduction) material and further refine our website. Learn more in the next newsletter or on the OpenChain mailing list:

License and Trademarks

Copyright 2017 The Linux Foundation. This newsletter is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0). Please feel free to share it onwards! OpenChain is a trademark of The Linux Foundation. It may be used according to The Linux Foundation Trademark Policy and the OpenChain Terms of Use. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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