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New Online Conformance Checklists For All OpenChain Standards

Today the OpenChain Project announces new online conformance checklists for all of our current license compliance and security assurance standards. These checklists allow any organization to quickly and privately check if they meet the requirements of a standard. They are a free service provided to the global supply chain to support trust between organizations.

Each checklist has a series of “yes” or “no” statements. If you can answer “yes” to everything, you are self-certified. If you answer “no” to some items, you know where to invest further time to build a quality program. The checklists allow you to save your progress and take up to 30 days to complete all the items.

After completing a checklist, you decide if we list you on our website or not. Of course, we hope to display more and more examples of adoption over time.

For License Compliance

For Security Assurance

For Other Variants Of These Standards