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Help Update Our License Compliance And Security Assurance Standards

The OpenChain Project is ready to start accepting feedback to improve our license compliance and security standards.

OpenChain Security Assurance Specification:

Easy way to suggest Security Assurance Specification improvements:

OpenChain License Compliance Specification (ISO/IEC 5230):

Easy way to suggest License Compliance Specification improvements:

You can also send your suggestions to our specification mailing list:


  • The next generation of our license compliance standard will update ISO/IEC 5230.
  • Our security assurance standard (generation 1) is scheduled to become an ISO/IEC standard in mid-2023. The update to generation 2 will trigger an update to the new ISO/IEC standard for late 2023~mid-2024.
  • You will find extensive feedback on our standards already exists on GitHub and you can easily review that before submitting a suggestion for improvement.

Pre-existing submissions for the security assurance standard:

Pre-existing submissions for the license compliance standard: