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Onward Security Is the Latest Official OpenChain Project Partner

By 2022-01-12July 26th, 2022Featured, News

OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020 has a positive and active relationship with the security sector. Onward Security is our latest official partner and will bolster this part of our ecosystem support.

“Most IoT devices are developed with open source software, and the lack of security by design during product development and the integration of vulnerable third-party OSS into IoT devices are potentially fatal problems. Onward Security is pleased to partner with OpenChain to assist with ISO/IEC 5230 compliance assessment by offering HERCULES SecSAM, a Security Assessment Management platform, as well as security compliance services,” said Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security.

“The OpenChain Project released a Security Assurance Reference Guide in August to address market demand. While our ISO/IEC standard is focused on open source license compliance, the inflection points it identifies are equally application to successful security process management,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Our new relationship with Onward Security is another part of the larger picture to ensure every company, in every sector, of every size can get the information and support they need to excel.”

About Onward Security

Onward Security is a leading brand in cybersecurity compliance solutions for the Internet of Things. It has been selected as Best Cybersecurity Company – Asia Gold Winner by Cyber Security Excellence Awards. In addition to possessing an international IoT cybersecurity testing lab, it develops automated security assessment products with AI and machine learning features. It has been dedicating to helping customers in IoT/IIoT equipment manufacturing, finance, telecom, and other industries for fast obtaining security certification and effectively managing risks and vulnerabilities of open source software to ensure cyber and product security.