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OpenChain Merchandise Now Available!

By 2020-08-27Featured

The OpenChain Project now has official merchandise! You will find everything from t-shirts to tote-bags to phone cases to mugs in our store. Everything is priced at cost with Threadless. Logos, penguins, country teams and a special global team image. It is all there.

Check Out The Zero Profit Store!

Source Code For The Images

One more thing…

We have a marketing budget for our country and international teams. Right there is $25 USD of merchandise per head for 400 people (including shipping). This is a thank you for everyone who helped make OpenChain what it is. Here is the allocation of the award funds based on the subscriber numbers to various country and global lists:

Please contact Rachel ( and let her know what you want. She will assemble a spreadsheet to track everything and we will order as each batch fills up.