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Webinar: Curating FOSS license information for the OSSelot database

By 2024-02-14March 14th, 2024automation, licensing, News, Webinar

Caren Kresse from OSADL talks about sharing and reusing publicly available FOSS compliance material, as provided by the OSSelot project (, which requires trust in the reliability of the data. Such trust can be fostered by ensuring high quality and consistency of the data through a standardized curation process and strict review of all contributions. This presentation will demonstrate the curation process for the OSSelot project, present the resulting material, and give an example of how a contribution is reviewed.

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This event is part of the overarching OpenChain Project Webinar Series. Our series highlights knowledge from throughout the global OpenChain eco-system. Participants are discussing approaches, processes and activities from their experience, providing a free service to increase shared knowledge in the supply chain. Our goal, as always, is to increase trust and therefore efficiency. No registration or costs involved. This is user companies producing great informative content for their peers.

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This is OpenChain Webinar #59, released on 2024-02-14.