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OpenChain Advent Calendar Day #13 – Opensource for ALL

By 2020-12-13December 17th, 2020News

This advent calendar has been created by our Japanese Work Group as part of their community outreach. We hope you enjoy their recap of compliance topics to end the year.

1. Introduction

Hello. I’m Masato ENDO.
Today, I would like to introduce the topics related to Promotion SG of OpenChain Japan WG.

As you can see in the article on December 6, we found that although awareness of the importance of OSS compliance is gradually increasing, each company is struggling to secure resources.
In order to secure resources, it is essential to promote the understanding of executives.
Therefore, the Japan Patent Office and the Cabinet Office created “Open source for ALL” as a tool to educate management about the importance of OSS itself, and released it in June.
I also participated as a member in the Expert Committee for the preparation of this material.
So, I would like to introduce it.

You can access the materials from the links below.(Sorry, Japanese only)

・ Executive Summary of enlightenment tools (presentation materials)
・ Detailed report

2. Background of realization

The beginning of the story was that in May 2019, I made a presentation at the Intellectual Property Headquarters Verification, Evaluation, and Planning Committee, which is a policy meeting of Japanese government.
At this time, Mr. Nakauchi of the current Imabari City officer, who was at the Intellectual Property Headquarters at that time, was interested in it, and a committee of experts was formed.
Therefore, we decided to create OSS enlightenment materials for managers, and we asked Mr. Shinozaki of PwC, who was selected as the secretariat based on discussions at the committee, to compile the materials.
It is assumed that this material will be used as it is or arranged for use in internal executives and symposiums in which executives participate.
This material is supported not only by Japanese companies but also by foreign companies such as Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Siemens.
I introduced these companies to the Committee through OpenChain connection.

3. Interesting information

Here, I will pick up and introduce the topics that I found interesting from the report.
In this survey, we conducted a questionnaire to the executives of the system development and software development departments of large companies, mainly non-IT companies, and added analysis from various angles.
Among them, what I am paying attention to is the figure below that summarizes the answers to the question “Will the expansion of OSS utilization expand in the future?”
As the result, we can confirm that executives in almost all industries responded that they would “expand in the future.”
On the other hand, in this report “It became clear that the approach to OSS was individual-dependent and that activity was sluggish overall.”
From the perspective of promoting DX, it is thought that the issue for Japanese companies will be how to systematically handle OSS in the future.
Overseas, it is becoming a trend to establish OSPO (Open Source Compliance Office), which is a specialized organization that formulates OSS utilization strategies and rules regardless of the type of industry.
At OpenChain, we have accumulated the know-how of leading companies overseas and in Japan, so if you have a need to deepen understanding within the company, please let us know! The project will support you free of charge.
(I also explained the importance of OSS community activities to the CTO of a IT company in such a context.)

4. Tomorrow’s theme is …

Tomorrow, Kobota-san will introduce the activities of Leaflet SG, which is creating an enlightenment leaflet for OSS compliance.
This leaflet has been distributed free of charge at events around the world such as CES2020 and has been very well received.
Stay tuned!

1. はじめに

本日はOpenChain Japan WGのPromotion SG関連のトピックを紹介します。

そこで、経営層にOSSそのものの重要性も含めた啓発を行うためのツールとして「Opensource for ALL」を特許庁・内閣府が作成し、6月にリリースされました。


・啓発ツール(プレゼン資料)のExective Summary

2. 実現の経緯



3. 興味深い情報




海外では業種問わずOSSの利活用戦略策定やルール作りを行う専門組織であるOSPO(Open Source Compliance Office)を設置することがトレンドになってきてます。

4. 明日のテーマは・・・