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OpenChain Talk @ Open Source Summit Japan on 18th July

By 2019-07-18September 11th, 2019News

Wang Mingyu from Fujitsu is not exactly part of the Japan workgroup, but she is a member of Asaba-san’s team. She hosted a talk entitled ‘Dandified Way to Package Management in Yocto Project’

This presentation will introduce a dnf plugin named dnf-plugin-tui works with Yocto Project to customize rootfs, manage SPDX files and source archives. By dnf-plugin-tui, you just need to reinstall or upgrade packages without rebuilding rootfs, even though you don’t have to redeploy your rootfs. So you can save up to 90% of your time, and reduce the workload for your terminal customers. In addition, dnf-plugin-tui is possible to incorporate a manifest file into a shell based on non-interactive operation, and can generate images in various formats according to user needs. This also will show Fujitsu’s contributions and plan to improve the software package management for platform such as Yocto and CIP.

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