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OpenChain Newsletter #36

By 2020-04-27January 31st, 2023Monthly Newsletter, News

Newsletter – Issue 36 – April 2020

OpenChain in Q2 – Continuing Leadership, Continuing Support

The global lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19 is a unique historical moment. We are seeing both great success and great challenges in addressing this disease, and at all times there is an awareness that it can impact our close friends and families. To a large extent the OpenChain community is fortunate. Many of our companies allow us to work from home. Many of us are near excellent health services. We are well-positioned to weather this storm. We will do so with the health of our community and the societies in which we work as our highest priority.

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OpenChain @ Webinars:

  • Over the last three years the OpenChain Project has held bi-weekly calls on the First Monday (9am Pacific) and Third Monday (5pm Pacific) of each month. These calls have driven forward our standard for open source compliance and a large corpus of supportive reference material. Today we are at an inflection point and we have an opportunity to enhance our service to the global community.With less emphasis right now on editing our standard (the forthcoming ISO version is fully baked) and our reference material largely produced via local work teams, there is an opportunity to launch an on-going series of webinars that provide access to people and knowledge that we would otherwise obtain at events.

We kicked off on Monday the 6th of April at 9am Pacific with speakers covering Supply Chain Governance and Container Compliance.

Our second Webinar was held on the 20th of April and covered compliance in China and OpenChain at Facebook.

We also announced our third Webinar for the 4th of May covering Contribution Policies + OpenChain in M&A. Watch this space for the recording in the next issue.

OpenChain @ Translations

OpenChain Specification 2.0 Available In Russian

OpenChain @ Conformance

Siemens Announces OpenChain 2.0 Conformance

OpenChain @ Partners

OSS Engineering Consultants is an OpenChain Partner

Osborne Clarke is an OpenChain Partner

OpenChain @ Work Groups

OpenChain @ Events

Coming Next

  • This newsletter marks 36 months since we started a major outward push for awareness and adoption in the OpenChain Project. During this time we have seen our industry standard enter a multitude of new markets. You can expect this continue and you can expect initiatives like our webinars to grow over time. Our next newsletter will both provide a new look and a great way for people to get started with our activities. Watch this space.