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OpenChain Newsletter #26

By 2019-06-27January 31st, 2023Monthly Newsletter, News

Newsletter – Issue 26 – June 2019

The OpenChain Project has active bi-weekly calls and a central mailing list that provide the “nuts and bolts” of our community activity. These are joined by various releases of documents and announcements of OpenChain-related events throughout each month. We collect key developments in this newsletter once a month.

This month we begin with another media article. Mark Gisi, Chair of the OpenChain Specification Work Team, was interviewed by CIOReview in their latest special edition, this time with a focus on open source code. You can read the interview online today and it will be available in print for July. This is a recommended read and a great starting point for people and organizations new to the OpenChain industry standard.

As they said: “A new standard gaining traction is the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain certification for Open Source license compliance and usage. This certification ensures that one can trust the open source from which software solutions are built.  Influenced by customers seeking greater assurance for their supply chain’s increasing use of open source software, Wind River, a leading IoT Linux platform and solutions supplier, maintains OpenChain conformance for all its product lines.”

OpenChain @ Specification 2.0

OpenChain Specification 2.0 in Simplified Chinese

The OpenChain Specification 2.0 is now in Simplified Chinese thanks to the hard work of our volunteer community. Special thanks are due to Jerry Tan, Zhang Weilin, Po-Chun Wang, Lucien Lin and Florence Ko.

“The OpenChain Project is global and we are working hard to make our resources available in many languages,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “China, as a key market, is a priority for us. The availability of our latest specification in Simplified Chinese is the first step towards making self-certification simple and quick for companies in the region. It joins our Traditional Chinese translation as an example of our commitment to building effective bridges.”

OpenChain Case Study: Toyota

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announced the immediate availability of a case study with Toyota explaining how Kaizen and Open Source spur innovation across the global supply chain. This case study is an exceptionally important milestone for our project, marking the beginning of a series of case studies explaining the “path to conformance” in OpenChain, and providing real-world snapshots of the journeys being undertaken by market leaders. We have worked together with Endo San from the Toyota IP team in crafting this case study and are indebted to his team for clear, concise insights into the decision-making process of one of the world’s largest car companies as it relates to open source technology.

Read the Case Study

Download the Case Study as a PDF

OpenChain Supplier Education Leaflet

The OpenChain Project announced the release of the Open Source Software License Compliance General Public Guide. This document is an outcome of the OpenChain Japan Work Group, one of the most active and vibrant parts of our project. The leaflet is intended to be a short, simple and clear guide for distribution to suppliers of all sizes. Our intention is to provide a solid foundation for understanding open source license compliance in an accessible manner.

This document is made available in English and Japanese. We hope to add further translations in the future. As with all OpenChain Project reference material, the guide is made available under CC-0 licensing (effectively public domain, and it may be used, studied, shared and improved in any way you want.

Get the Guide

Contribute to the Guide

OpenChain @ Conformance

OpenChain Congratulates Wind River on being the first OpenChain Specification 2.0 Conformant Company

“We have been fortunate to work closely with Wind River from the genesis of this project through to our current status as a growing industry standard,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Mark, our primary contact, has been a highly effective chair of our specification work team and our wider relationship with Wind River has seen a keen focus on ensuring a real world solution for real world challenges. Welcoming Wind River as the first OpenChain 2.0 Conformant organization is a natural and exciting expansion of our collaboration.”

OpenChain Welcomes Cognizant to the Community of Conformance

“It is tremendously exciting to welcome another open source user company into the heart of the OpenChain Project,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Our mission is to support such companies both in pursuing internal excellent and in streamlining open source license compliance across their supply chain. The team at Cognizant is a pleasure to work with and I firmly believe we will accomplish great things in the coming months and years.”

OpenChain Welcomes Infosys to the Community of Conformance

“Infosys have always approached Open Source Software usage and compliance in a manner that takes the course of careful due diligence, and benchmarking our processes & procedures with globally acceptable industry standards,” says Shuvajit Mitra, Legal Affairs Counsel, Infosys. “To do this, we engaged with the Open Chain Project to assess our compliance practices in consonance with Open Chain Specification 2.0. To be in conformance with Open Chain Project, Infosys has implemented processes, practices and awareness to meet all requirements on OSS licensing and its implications while using and distributing OSS components bundled with Infosys software products, platforms and solutions which are the best in breed and which can be transparently demonstrated. Infosys thanks the Open Chain leadership in guiding Infosys through this process of assessment and authentication to achieve good governance as a best practice of software development.”

Be Part of This:

OpenChain @ Partners

OpenChain Welcomes New Partners Globally

The OpenChain Project is delighted to welcome FOSSID (Sweden), Maggie Wang (China), CMS (Germany), JBB (Germany), Array Law (Italy) and BKL (Korea) to the OpenChain Partner Program. Our geographic coverage provides the option for access to support for OpenChain user companies on three continents.

You can learn more about the OpenChain Partner Program on our dedicated page:

You can learn more about each individual new partner on their dedicated announcement pages:

OpenChain @ Events

OpenChain Announces Workshops at Open Source Summit Japan / North America / Europe

The OpenChain Project has announced workshops at three major Linux Foundation events through second-half 2019:

Each of these events will consist of a Governing Board meeting, a Steering Committee meeting, and an open discussion adjacent to the main conference. All parties are welcome to attend the Steering Committee meeting and the open discussion. See the links above for more details about each specific event.

OpenChain at Other Events

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