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OpenChain Newsletter #24

By 2019-04-27January 31st, 2023Monthly Newsletter, News

Newsletter – Issue 24 – April 2019

The OpenChain Project has active bi-weekly calls and a central mailing list that provide the “nuts and bolts” of our community activity. These are joined by various releases of documents and announcements of OpenChain-related events throughout each month. We collect key developments in this newsletter once a month.


OpenChain Supplier Education – Massive Step Forward in Japanese and soon in English

OpenChain has a very active Work Group in Japan. One of the sub-groups, focused on creating a supplier education leaflet, has released the finished document in Japanese. You can get it below.

The English version is coming in May. It will be distributed online and through events like Open Source Summit Japan.

As always, OpenChain is going deeper and deeper into the supply chain. Great thanks to Ueda San from Sony for leading this initiative.

Get the Japanese leaflet

OpenChain @ Specification 2.0

OpenChain Specification 2.0 – Final Call for Comments

The OpenChain Specification version 2.0 is nearly ready as we enter the last 5 days of the 14 day freeze period. This period provides everyone the chance to review the final draft – where we can accept minor changes (e.g., typos, minor wording adjustments, formatting, …). Any material changes/suggestions would be queued for consideration in the next version.

The current draft can be found here:

A marked up version can be found here:

You can send feedback via:

·       the Mailing list:;

·       the issues wiki:; or

·       replying to Mark Gisi directly if you wish to remain anonymous (

Request for Comments: OpenChain Specification 2.0 in Japanese

Shoken Kim from OptiNet has begun translation work for the OpenChain Specification 2.0 in Japanese. This translation is nearly complete and simply requires review to ensure accuracy. If you can lend a hand that would be great. If we finish before April 28th it can be formally released alongside the English version of OpenChain Specification 2.0.

Review the Document

OpenChain Specification 2.0 Out Now

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that version 2.0 of our specification for open source compliance in the supply chain is now available. This is the culmination of many months of work by over a hundred contributors. Special thanks are due to Mark Gisi, chair of the Specification Work Team and Gary O’Neall, Lead Developer for the Online Self-Certification Questionnaire. They went above and beyond to provide a document and an online service that incorporate a year of evolution guided by practical real world deployment.

We are especially glad to announce that the English version of the OpenChain Specification is accompanied by the Traditional Chinese translation. This marks the first time we have had a simultaneous release of the Specification in two languages. Thanks are due to S.Z. Lin and Lucien C.H. Lin for this outstanding accomplishment.

We will shortly announce official translations in Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Watch this space!

Self-Certify or do a private “Health Check”

Read the Specification in English

Read the Specification in Traditional Chinese

Get Help

Read the FAQ

OpenChain @ Partners

OpenChain Announces Partner in India

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce our first law firm partner in India. From today you will be able to obtain legal advice about OpenChain Conformance and other OpenChain matters from Mishi Choudhary & Associates LLP. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with Mishi Choudhary and her team.

Learn More About Mishi Choudhary & Associates LLP

OpenChain Announces Partner in Italy

The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce our first law firm partner in Italy. From today you will be able to obtain legal advice about OpenChain Conformance and other OpenChain matters from Studio Legale. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with Marco Ciurcina and his team.

Learn More About Studio Legale

OpenChain @ Reference Material

Request for Comment: OpenChain One Slide Overview

The OpenChain Project is continually updating material to introduce individuals and companies to our industry standard, our reference material, and our various free support services such as online self-certification. Our most recent addition is a one slide overview of the OpenChain Project. We are accepting comments and suggestions for this slide via our bi-weekly calls and our mailing list. You can also comment on GitHub.

Review the Slides:

OpenChain Overview Slides Updated

Great Open Source Compliance for Everyone’ provides an overview of the OpenChain Project and our standard for open source compliance in the supply chain. Version 7 has updated visuals around the key process points for great compliance. You can download the PPTX version to get speaker notes and do your own presentations.

OpenChain: Great Open Source Compliance for Everyone (Version 7) from Shane Coughlan

OpenChain @ Events

OpenChain @ Scania

Shane Coughlan represented the OpenChain Project in a meeting held at Scania in Sweden on the 9th of April. This meeting included various parties engaging with open source throughout the VW Group and provided an informal forum for digging into the latest developments in automotive open source compliance.

Our work with Scania has provided a useful two-way flow of information throughout the last twelve months. One highlight was Scania’s announcement of OpenChain Conformance late last year, We look forward to building on our relationship with Scania and with the broader VW Group.

OpenChain and Automotive @ Legal Workshop in Barcelona

‘Automotive Processes and Open Source’ is an OpenChain Project workshop hosted by Endo San of Toyota at the FSFE Legal and Licensing Workshop in Barcelona on the 10th of April 2019. It brings together a diverse group of representatives from automotive companies such as Scania and Bosch to discuss common challenges.

Get the Overview Slides

Workshop: Automotive Processes and Open Source from Shane Coughlan

OpenChain + TODO @ Legal Workshop in Barcelona

‘OpenChain + TODO @ Legal Workshop in Barcelona’ is an OpenChain Project workshop hosted by Shane Coughlan at the FSFE Legal and Licensing Workshop in Barcelona on the morning of 11th April 2019. It will cover how open source program offices can address supply chain challenges.

OpenChain @ IP Conference in Russia – 11-12 April 2019

Denis Dorotenko at Yandex will be delivering a speech at the 3rd International Conference «PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS» in St Petersburg. This speech will be the first time the OpenChain Project is highlighted in Russia. We look forward to building new relationships and collaboration in this tremendous, vibrant technology market.

Learn More About The Event

OpenChain @ Grey Matter ISV Partner Day 2019

Martin Callinan from Source Code Control represented the OpenChain Project at the recent Grey Matter ISV Partner Day 2019 in the UK. He was joined on stage by Ed Thompson from Microsoft to discuss ‘OpenChain: Why is Microsoft a Platinum Sponsor?’

As always, we appreciate the dedication of our members, our partners and our community in spreading the word about why open source compliance in the supply chain is so important and how OpenChain accomplishes this for companies of all sizes.

OpenChain @ Japan OSS Promotion Forum 2019

Masahiro Date from Linux Foundation delivered a speech at the Japan OSS Promotion Forum 2019 on the 17th of April that covered OpenChain’s place in enterprise open source usage. This speech is a great example of OpenChain being shared with an increasingly diverse audience.

A History of Enterprises with OSS from Shane Coughlan

Learn More

OpenChain @ Localization

OpenChain @ Japan Work Group #9

The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its ninth “all member” meeting at DensoTen on the 18th of April. The event opened with a short presentation from Shane Coughlan covering some of the largest developments around the OpenChain global community. The slides have been made publicly available.

This meeting covered a wide range of topics related to open source compliance. One highlight were the reports from the seven sub-groups of the Japanese community, covering a diverse range of topics from education to Bill of Materials to automation. As always, conversation was informal and open, allowing all participants to add their view during and after each presentation, and to network freely during the coffee breaks.

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