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OpenChain Newsletter #20

By 2018-12-27January 31st, 2023Monthly Newsletter, News

Newsletter – Issue 20 – December 2018

The OpenChain Project has active bi-weekly calls and a central mailing list that provide the “nuts and bolts” of our community activity. These are joined by various releases of documents and announcements of OpenChain-related events throughout each month. We collect key developments in this newsletter once a month.


OpenChain closed out the year with activity on all fronts. The most notable activities included multiple multinationals publicly supporting and adopting OpenChain, and the significant growth of reference material targeted towards solving known challenges around compliance in the supply chain.

OpenChain @ Members

We had a terrific month for new membership in the OpenChain Project. Facebook, Google and Uber joined as Platinum Members and put their collective weight behind the adoption and growth of our standard for effective open source compliance in the supply chain:

OpenChain @ Conformance

OpenChain welcomed Scania and Interneuron to the community of conformance. The former organization is a Swedish trucking company with a fantastic heritage as part of the VW Group. The latter is a community interest company in the UK connected with our adoption and growth in the British National Health System eco-system:

These companies were joined by Hitachi, a pre-existing Platinum Member, and one of the largest entities in our history to declare conformance:

OpenChain @ Partners

Adjacent to the Hitachi conformance the OpenChain Project announced TUV SUD as the first certification authority in the OpenChain Partner Program. TUV SUD provided the first third-party audit of OpenChain Conformance to Hitachi through their new TPS PPP 15001A certification based on the OpenChain Specification:

OpenChain @ Events

The OpenChain Project had an extremely busy month for outreach. The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its 7th meeting at TUV SUD Japan on the 5th of December, one of the largest dedicated events for the project. Learn more: 

On the same day Malcolm Bain from our parter organization id Law Partners delivered a keynote at European Open Source and Free Software Law Event (EOLE) in Paris:

OpenChain was center stage at the Greymatter Cloud Enablement event on the 14th of December in the UK. As with many recent events our project was explained and promoted by one of our partners, Source Code Control in this case:

OpenChain also announced the first event of 2019, a volunteer desk at OSC Osaka in January, with our contributor Dote San taking lead:

This was quickly followed by an announcement regarding an ABA Committee on Open Source Software on the 17th of January:

OpenChain @ Material

The OpenChain Project released an update to our general introduction slides:

The OpenChain Project has been working on improved material for new and existing participants in the project. We kicked off with a project to build a single, simpler unified FAQ for all aspects of the project. Participants were invited to contribute:

The OpenChain Japan Work Group contributed the first trench of reference business workflows for open source compliance in English and Japanese:

OpenChain @ Adoption Support

The OpenChain Project launched new and improved conformance logos. These logos can be used by conformant organizations to demonstrate the existence of their program and the products that flow through that program:

OpenChain @ Internationalization

The OpenChain Project continued to build out its internationalization support by launching our full Japan translation of the website. This is a precursor to our releases of Chinese and Korea versions of the website in 2019. Our goal is to make sure OpenChain is as inclusive and understandable as possible:

OpenChain @ Survey

Finally, the OpenChain Project announced the publication of the first OpenChain Survey. The results covered engagement with the project, motives behind this, and areas where we can improve:


OpenChain has seen an uptick in membership and conformance adjacent to significant volunteer educational and reference material production activities. As we conclude 2018 we look forward to positioning 2019 as a tipping point for even wider market engagement.

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