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OpenChain Japan Work Group Announces Meeting #12 Schedule – December 19th in Tokyo

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The OpenChain Japan Work Group has announced that the 12th OpenChain Japan Work Group will be held on December 19th at the NEC OSS Promotion Center in Tokyo.

This event is the culmination of 24 terrific months of productive collaboration between people from companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Because this meeting is held adjacent to the Open Compliance Summit it will provide an excellent opportunity for our international friends to visit and build new relationships. You can find out more by emailing

We are looking forward to even greater things in 2020!

All Our Meetings Are Listed On The Wiki

OpenChain Japan @ Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019

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The OpenChain Japan Leaflet Sub Working Group had a booth with a Technical Showcase at the ELCE 2019. They distributed over 200 OpenChain Supplier leaflets in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Big thanks to Ayumi Watanabe (Hitachi Solutions), Shinsuke Kato (Panasonic), Takashi Ninjyoji (DeNA) and Norio Kobota (Sony) for manning the booth!

A great thank you is also due to Courtney, SZ Lin, Tim and all OpenChain JWG members for arranging the booth and the leaflet logistics.